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About the Organic Inputs Directory

A service of the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC), the directory is Canada's nationwide, searchable directory of products that are either approved for use or have been found compliant with the Canadian organic standard.

The Organic Inputs Directory is more than just a list.

Lists of organic inputs products can be useful for checking whether a particular product is permitted or for verifying a product's compatibility status. However, searching these lists for particular product can sometimes be time consuming and in some cases even error-prone (you might overlook a product that really is listed). Our directory is backed by a full search engine that is sophisticated enough to allow for variations in spelling, misspellings and alternative names.

Most importantly, the Organic Inputs Directory is not just a list of allowed products, it is an informational resource. The system is designed to serve organic producers who have a production need (or a challenge, or a problem) locate products that address their need and evaluate and choose the product most likely to be helpful to them.

Using the Directory

As an organic producer or gardener, this is where you need to look in order to find the most complete list of products that you may be allowed to use in your organic operation. After choosing a product, you must check with your Certifying Body before using it.

Search by keyword, brand name, ingredient, approval body or a problem to which you need a solution. Browse by categories which align with the Canada’s Organic Production Systems - Permitted Substances List and simplify the process of finding the product that is right for your particular need. Type a postal code in addition to your search term which will create a list of products sorted by their proximity to your location.

The Team

The Organic Inputs Directory is a collaboration between the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC) and Peppersoft Inc. The OFC takes responsibility for the content and the policies that control the contents of the site. They guide the development process to ensure the directory serves the needs of Canada's organic industry. The development and maintenance of the site is taken care of by Peppersoft Inc. The creation of the software and data collection work is funded by Peppersoft, in addition to the ongoing upkeep of the tool and the data. This cost is to be recouped in the form of modest membership fees charged to input suppliers whose products are listed in the directory.

Peppersoft Inc.

Peppersoft Inc.

Founded in 2010 by Bill Huneke and Andrea Munk, Peppersoft Inc. is a computer technology company based in Guelph, Ontario and dedicated exclusively to serving the technology needs of the organic industry. Peppersoft's work includes technology consulting services, software programming (of all sorts), and website development and maintenance. On a broad level, Peppersoft helps organic producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and industry organizations eliminate business challenges using innovative software solutions.

Organic Federation of Canada

The Organic Federation of Canada (OFC) is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 2007 to advance federal policy dialogue from the perspective of the organic sector and to ensure the ongoing development of organic standards and regulations. To fulfill its mandate, the OFC manages the Standards Interpretation Committee, oversees the full review of the Canadian Organic Standards and supports scientific research to promote the growth of the sector.

Bill Huneke

Lead Developer, Peppersoft Inc.

Bill has been creating software for nearly 20 years. Employed in technology companies since high school, Bill has focused on solving problems and improving business processes by developing innovative software solutions.

Bill grew up in a farming family in Iowa, the United States’ farming heartland. Bill co-founded Peppersoft combine his professional skills with a lifelong connection to agriculture. Bill holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from the University of Iowa and now lives with his wife Andrea and their two daughters in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Andrea Munk

Peppersoft Inc.

Directory Administrator & Marketing Coordinator, Peppersoft Inc.

Andrea’s office administration experience, organizational and communication skills help ensure that Peppersoft Inc. remains responsive and centered on the needs of its clients.

Andrea is invested in the work that Peppersoft does in order to foster the growth and sustainability of the organic sector. and to create a healthy future for her family, global community, and the environment. She believes in the importance of the organic sector for the health of people and of the environment. She wants to see organic products become people’s first choice instead of simply being ‘an alternative’

Ted Zettel

President, Organic Federation of Canada

Ted Zettel is well known as one of the early pioneers of the Organic Farming Movement in Canada. He converted his own family farm to organic methods in 1983, and became active as the Public Relations director of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. In 1989, he helped to found, and was the first President of Organic Meadow Cooperative, now the largest organic farmers cooperative in Canada, and owner of the premier brand “Organic Meadow” dairy, egg and grains. He has worked in many capacities within this thriving organization, including several terms as interim General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He now serves as a consultant and manages external industry relations for the company. He is President of the Organic Federation of Canada, which represents the organic food industry in Canada. He also chairs the Standards Interpretation Committee, which advises the federal government on matters of dispute in interpreting Canada’s organic rules.